We will launch your enterprise service in no-time

  • Experts in Google Cloud consultancy and applications
  • Develop and deploy next generation Cloud Apps
  • Migrate legacy systems to the Cloud
  • Google App Engine
  • Big Data Services

Our Expertise

App Engine Platform
SmartDevice Apps
Big Data
Run large-scale workloads
Maps for Business

Our Methodology

Our methodology is the result of years of experience. It enables us to launch your ideas in record time. We use skilled developers, latest web technologies and automatic deployment. We use Scrum for the development and Devops for the release iterations. Although we keep the overhead of no-coders to a minimum.
1. We first turn your ideas into user stories
2. Then we help you to priorities user stories
3. We give you an estimation and possible functional solutions
4. Our code factory starts up and delivers in the first sprint a prototype. The prototype gives a visual presentation of the most important features. It will be used to verify the user stories
5. In sprints of two weeks, features will become fully functional
6. When a minimum set of features is in operation then the app is being launched. Every following feature is released on the fly with a totally automatic deployment mode

Why work with Xinox

  • We launch your ideas in record time
  • Passion for development
  • Leading partner for Cloud Technology

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